Game Room Grand Opening

Game Room Space Begins

Posted Thursday, August 31, 2017 @ 2:25 PM

On September 30, UCF’s Student Government Association hosted an official Game Room Grand Opening on the 3rd floor of the Student Union.

SGA Student Body President Nick Larkins and Vice President Cristina Barreto presented students with an extensive platform with goals that could improve the student experience at UCF during the 2017 SGA election. One platform point included working with the Student Union to create an on-campus entertainment space for students, specifically for those with large gaps between classes.

The Game Room space started becoming a reality during the transition to the Nick & Cristina administration during the summer. An assessment of the space occurred alongside the Student Union with ideas on the equipment, and fine details that could be accomplished before school began in the fall to create the ultimate “hang out” space on UCF’s campus.

“We were having a roundtable discussion on how, we as SGA representatives, can promote this newly revamped room in the Union. The concept of the event was developed on the basis of making a fun-filled event for students to close their first week back at school,” said Marketing Coordinator Rebecca Aguilera. “There were numerous benefits to hosting this event, a main one was to focus on reaching out to students who were not on campus throughout the summer when the game room was originally refurbished.”

The Game Room Grand Opening served as an opportunity to celebrate the achievement of the Nick & Cristina administration for the new renovation. The official opening ultimately created a larger awareness of the new space. The event began with a ribbon cutting by Nick & Cristina, then proceeded with popcorn and cotton candy for everyone to enjoy. The event concluded with a successful foosball and air hockey tournament, where students went head-to-head with other students and members of SGA.

SGA would like to thank all the volunteers that assisted in making the event a success, as well as the students who came out to celebrate the new space. Thank you to the Student Union—Rick Falco, David Oglethorpe and the rest of the Union staff.

The UCF Student Government Association is a representative body modeled after the United States government. Through the three branches – executive, legislative and judicial – the UCF Student Government Association represents student issues and concerns at all levels of university decision-making. In addition, the UCF Student Government Association is constantly creating new services and initiatives aiming to make campus life better for all UCF Knights.

For more information regarding the service, please contact the Student Government Association at 407.823.1265. All media requests can be directed towards Stephanie Alfonso, the director for communications, at:

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