Women’s Veterans Display 2018

Women in the Military

Posted Thursday, March 8, 2018 @ 3:12 PM

Throughout history, women have played incredible, powerful roles. They have been queens, Prime Ministers, leaders, inventors, scientists, and warriors. But the common thread in all of those is their role as heroes.

On March 5th at 2 pm, Veterans Academic Resource Center (VARC) Peer Mentor and Navy Veteran Tracy Lovingood hosted a reveal ceremony about the display, and all women veterans of UCF were invited to attend.

The women showcased in this display have paved the way for other women to become pilots, surgeons, inventors, computer programmers, commanders, and have been on the front lines of war. They have achieved many firsts, and set the standards for what it means to be a woman in the military.

This display highlights these women that have shattered the glass ceilings, women who achieved many firsts, and are pioneers in their fields. The display also highlights women veterans who are currently at UCF, as students and staff.

All the items on display are provided by donors; women veterans who have brought in their uniforms, challenge coins, military ribbons, photos, and other memorabilia. One of the more notable uniforms on display is a cadet uniform from one of the first female West Point graduates, Tracy Benoit. This phenomenal woman was the teacher for POW and Purple Heart Awardee Rhonda Cornum, the first Flight Surgeon in the Army.

Women who have served in the military have some amazing and awe-inspiring stories, and as previously mentioned, many of them are our very own UCF students and staff. Starting March 2, this display will be in the lobby of the Veterans Academic Resource Center.

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