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Think 30

2017 Think 30 Scholarships: Scholarship winners will be notified by July 7 and the names of winners will be posted on the website shortly after this date. The Think 30 scholarship is for fall 2017 disbursement.


The Think 30 campaign was created to encourage UCF students to complete 30 credit hours each year with the goal of a timely graduation that minimizes the expense of a college degree.


  1. Encourage students, especially FTIC (First-Time in College) students, to complete 30 credit hours each academic year.

  2. Encourage students to enroll in summer course work to complete the 30 credit hour goal each academic year.

  3. Encourage students to seek academic, career and financial advisement and utilize campus resources in pursuit of their educational goals.

  4. Educate the UCF community with consistent messaging.

  5. Create a culture that full-time entails taking 15 credit hours each fall and spring.


UCF Students Encouraged to "Think 30"

New Programs and Big Data Primed to Improve Student Success: