Academic Advancement Programs

Michael Aldarondo-Jeffries, Director

Are you considering Graduate School as part of your plans post-graduation? Academic Advancement Programs (AAP) is here to support you in your graduate school application journey! At AAP we prepare undergraduate students to pursue advanced degrees. AAP collaborates with faculty, staff, national, and international partners to provide a range of graduate school preparation programs and services. Students can participate in various initiatives designed to increase their awareness and knowledge of the graduate school application process, graduate school funding, summer research programs, and fellowship opportunities.

AAP offers many programs, services, and resources to help you along the way. The McNair Scholars Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program is for undergraduates considering doctoral degrees in their field of interest after graduating from UCF. The Research & Mentoring Program (RAMP) allows students to engage in faculty-guided research projects, prepare for master’s or Ph.D. programs, and receive funding to conduct undergraduate research. Lastly, the Pre-Graduate School Knights (PGK) program was created to serve students at large as a self-directed online program to better prepare UCF students for applying and transitioning to graduate school.

Whether you are wondering if graduate school is right for you or looking for guidance as you begin the application process, we are here for you! Attend one of our many Graduate School Preparation workshops or events or meet with one of our staff or peer coaches and start preparing now!

Remember, it is never too early to become a strong graduate school candidate!

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