Diversity Education Unit

SDES Diversity Framework

The Student Development and Enrollment Services Division at the University of Central Florida is committed to providing a culturally competent and safe environment in which all employees and students embrace the similarities and differences we share. Diversity and inclusion are critical to an individual’s holistic development. SDES provides the framework for creating and fostering a campus-wide inclusive environment. We endeavor to foster an inclusive environment through our hiring processes, trainings, self exploration opportunities and the development of culturally competent SDES faculty, staff and students. SDES provides facilities and continuous programs supportive of the UCF community. Our diversity work is guided by the core values anchored in the tenets of the UCF Creed: Integrity, Scholarship, Community, Creativity and Excellence.

SDES Diversity History

Since its beginnings in 2011, SDES Diversity training has offered a multitude of options for SDES staff to participate in diversity and inclusion education. With the goal being to actively engage staff and students, SDES is now offering new opportunities to encourage and support continuous diversity and inclusion training for both populations. We will continue our commitment to the university and the campus community through intentional educational programming.

Phase II allows participants the flexibility to continue diversity and inclusion curriculum and training options. Additionally, DEUs will be awarded to staff that complete a variety of diversity training options. Participants will earn 1 DEU for each hour completed.