SDES Diversity Education (DEU) Learning Outcomes

INTEGRITY: Will acknowledge the diversity of a person’s thoughts and actions within the work environment.

SCHOLARSHIP: Will actively commit to the continuous learning and engagement of diverse communities.

COMMUNITY: Will be able to understand and apply the importance of respecting diverse people and perspectives.

CREATIVITY: Will be able to create a personal diversity education plan.

EXCELLENCE: Will commit to achieve excellence by completing a minimum of 8 Diversity Education Units (DEU) annually.

Phase I – Foundation Courses

Phase I core courses are the foundation for the SDES Diversity Education Curriculum. Phase I courses are offered by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion in partnership with the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services.

  • ABC’s of Diversity (3 hours) required
  • Diversity Certificate Series (8 hours) required
  • Inclusive Communication (3 hours) required
  • Understanding Power and Privilege (3 hours) required
  • New Employee Orientation (On-line Module)
  • Two Electives from Phase II (SDES) or ODI Course Offerings.

Phase II – Diversity Education Unit (DEU) Levels

Phase II of the SDES Diversity Education Curriculum allows participants a flexible approach to continue diversity and inclusion training. DEUs will be awarded to staff and students who complete diversity training options. Participants will earn 1 DEU for each hour completed. Phase II course offerings may be taken from the SDES Phase II curriculum and ODI course offerings. Staff members and students will receive incentives for earning DEUs each semester.

  • Bronze: Phase I (Core Courses) Completion
  • Silver: 8 hours DEU
  • Gold: 16 hours DEU
  • Black: 24 hours DEU
  • Platinum: 32 hours DEU


  • SDES requires 8 hours of DEUs annually [1 hour=1 DEU]
  • Attending a diversity related conference session (cannot request more than 4 DEUs from the conference)
  • Read a written work that pertains to diversity and inclusion (cannot request more than 2 DEUs)

Ways To Earn and Certify Diversity Education Units

  1. Attend diversity workshops offered by Student Development and Enrollment Services or the Office of Diversity & Inclusion course offerings.
  2. Attend a diversity related conference. Must submit a reflection paper and connect your experience to a learning outcome or the diversity framework. (Reflection papers should be 1 page in length, 12-point font, and double spaced. Reflection papers must be submitted no later than 30 calendar days after the event date.)
  3. Facilitate a diversity related presentation at a conference. (Provide a copy of your program proposal for review.)
  4. Publish a diversity related article(s) in an academic journal(s). (Provide a link to the published article or email the article to: SDESDEU@ucf.edu)
  5. Participate in diversity related webinar(s). (SDES employees may be required to complete a post quiz and/or submit a 1 page summary.)
  6. Participate in campus diversity celebration(s) or event(s), such as workshops during Diversity Week, LGBTQ+ History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month. (Submit reflection paper.)
  7. Participate in SDES sponsored courses (i.e., Safe Zone Series, Accessibility and Inclusiveness Series, and selected NASPA webinars or any course offering from Office of Diversity and Inclusion listings).
  8. Complete the DEU Certification Form for each session you attend each month.
  9. Email a copy of your UCF Employee Training Summary to be reviewed for Phase I completion or earned DEU credit annually to SDESDEU@ucf.edu.