Expectant Mothers Parking Program

Student permit holders in their third trimester of pregnancy may elect to reserve an expectant mother space in their permitted lot. For convenience a spot may be selected by the expectant mother to provide a location with closer proximity to her primary destination, within the parameters of her previously assigned lot. Should the permit holder need to make these arrangements prior to the third trimester due to a high risk or otherwise problematic condition, please contact us as soon as possible. Students must be enrolled as a fulltime (12 credit hours) student (online classes do not qualify). Please email CareManager@ucf.edu or call Student Care Services, 407-823-5607 for more information

Lactation Privacy Rooms

The University of Central Florida recognizes the needs of new mothers by developing lactation privacy rooms on campus. These secure locations provide UCF mothers, whether students, staff or faculty, the ability to ease back into work or school without having to sacrifice the healthy practice of expressing their milk.

  • UCF College of Nursing (Research Park – University Tower) – Room 431
    (check in at room 300 for key)
  • Global UCF – Room 314
    (check in at reception desk on 3rd floor for key
  • UCF College of Medicine (Lake Nona) – Room 419
    (check in at 1st floor welcome desk for key)
  • UCF Main Campus (Engineering I Building) – Room 220
    (check in at room 107 for key)
  • UCF Main Campus (Physical Science Building) – Room 430
    (check in at room 430 for key)
  • UCF Main Campus (Recreation and Wellness Center) – Suite 111
    (entrance across from leisure pool, check in at suite 111 for key)
  • UCF Main Campus (Health & Public Affairs 1) – Room 210
    (check in at room 365 (front desk) for key

Oct 2016 UCF Lactation Room Locations