Multicultural Environment Group


The Multicultural Environment Group is a proactive diverse group of SDES employees committed to advocating, supporting, and addressing issues for students and staff. Through forward thinking, this group focuses on recommending action to ensure an equitable, inclusive, and diverse environment that adds value to the 21st century UCF experience.


Justin Andrade – he/him/his

Assistant Director, Office of Student Involvement

Member since 2014, Chair

Dr. Edwanna Andrews – she/her/hers

Interim Assistant Vice President, Community Support Services

Member since 2014, Past Chair

James E. Wilkening – he/him/his

Executive Director, Recreation and Wellness

Member since 2014

Matt Adams – he/him/his

Assistant Director, Student Union

Member since 2017

Matthew Lowe – he/him/his

Accessibility Consultant, Student Accessibility Services

Member since 2017

Jeremy Jones – he/him/his

Coordinator, Multicultural Academic Support Services

Member since 2019

Elijah Mizell – he/him/his

Application Systems Analyst I, Housing and Residence Life

Member since 2019

Jillian L. Sturdivant – she/her/hers

Assistant Director, Residence Life and Education

Member since 2019

Jeannie Kiriwas – she/her/hers

Associate Director, Student Union

Member since 2020

Dr. Karemah Campbell Manselle – she/her/hers

Associate Director, Office of Student Financial Assistance

Member since 2020

Michael Nunes – he/him/his

Student Life Coordinator, Social Justice and Advocacy

Member since 2020