A Knights Mind & Body

MSC transformed the Key West Room into a little piece of paradise

Posted Thursday, September 12, 2019 @ 11:01 AM

Tranquil music meanders through the space as the faintest particles of light fall across a dimly lit room. Flameless candles spotlight tabletops brimming with puzzle pieces and bins overflowing with Magic Markers. Peers perform relaxation poses on yoga mats arranged around the room. A masseuse beckons you to her massage chair.

It may sound like an oasis, but for 90 minutes on Wednesday, the UCF Multicultural Student Center transformed the Key West Room in the Student Union into a little piece of paradise. The event, A Knights Mind and Body, invited students to enjoy a few moments of relaxation, yoga, and free massage. The event reminded students to take care of their mental, emotional, and physical health, and Knights took full advantage of this respite from their active lives.

As Savon Crumity, Accessibility Director at the MSC, explains, “The purpose behind the event is to give students a moment to just take a breath and step away from their studies. The need for self-care is important as we continue towards graduation. We also wanted to give students the ability to stretch with yoga, color pictures from coloring books provided by Student Accessibility Services, get a 10-minute massage, and take the experience home with a bath bomb for those who were picked in our chance raffle of prizes.”

Response to the event has been tremendous. One student exclaimed, “We need more of this on campus!” Other students were thankful for the opportunity to unwind, “Well needed after football yesterday.” Another student explained, “My exam coming up is stressing me out and the massage really helped!” In total, 80 students experienced A Knights Mind and Body.

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