A Review of Couponing 101

By Kristian Perez

Posted Thursday, November 15, 2018 @ 8:49 PM

On Thursday, November 8th the Wellness and Health Promotion Services (WHPS) held their regularly scheduled Couponing 101 class hosted by senior educator and couponing expert, Christine Pugh and her student assistant, Anna Nguyen. The class started at 2:00 p.m. with about sixteen fellow Knights, many of whom attend the class regularly.   

The course focused on information regarding the fundamentals of couponing. The session intends to give students a clear introduction on how to most effectively use coupons. The event covered everything from where to find coupons, how to prepare for a coupon run, lingo such as RMN tags, and a detailed breakdown of a coupon’s layout.  

Host Christine Pugh shows her dedication to preparing students for future savings through the resources she provides. Each student receives a tote bag full of coupons and printouts summarizing the information available through Christine Pugh’s independent efforts. She also takes time out of her day to hold one-on-one sessions for students who are unable to make the class or wish to learn more. When asked why she decided to create the course she stated, “Being a college student myself…I thought this would be a great way for them to learn how to save money and get stuff for free.”  

There was a genuine comradery between the Knights in the room. Some first-year students came for the Link Loot points that auction for large prizes. Others come back due to their love for couponing and the experience. Regular attendant Anna Scott, senior in interdisciplinary studies, says she comes back because:  

“I really enjoy the class and I get to learn new things…and I mean it’s fun.”  

Newcomers felt welcome too. Alex Quach, a sophomore in computer science, said, “It was really helpful. It was a lot more information than I thought.” 

The couponing session wrapped up with a fun game of jeopardy. The winning team got first access to the prize table. Each item on the prize table was either secured free or nearly free through couponing. To learn more information about couponing 101, contact the Wellness and Health Promotion Services located in Office Suite 111 at the RWC Building Mon-Fri: 8 a.m.    

Email: wellness@ucf.edu    

Phone: 407-823-5841    

For a one-on-one couponing session contact:  


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