Leadership Week 2020

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Leadership Week at UCF

Posted Friday, February 21, 2020 @ 1:12 PM

Leadership Week keynote speaker Rockell Bartoli asks students to “step up to the line.”

“Leadership is not about position and it’s not about taking charge of someone else. It’s really about developing your own personality; your own style of taking charge of your own life.”

Dr. Germayne Graham is Associate Director of LEAD Scholars Academy, but this week is all about her other title: adviser for the Leadership Week committee. Dr. Graham talks about the type of leadership students can learn about during Leadership Week, “We encourage our students to look at changes that you can make in your community and in your environment. Every student can make change right where they are. Every student does have a leader inside them.“

Leadership Week is an initiative coordinated by LEAD Scholars Academy and supported by the UCF Student Government Association and numerous offices and departments throughout the university. Leadership Week was created to identify, recognize, and develop leadership throughout UCF. It is a week of lectures, programs, events, and workshops intended to educate the campus community.

2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Leadership Week at UCF. Leah Freeman, a second year art major, is Leadership Development Director for LEAD Scholars Academy. She is in charge of orchestrating Leadership Week and her responsibilities include gathering speakers and coordinating events for the week. Leah talks about how her position with LEAD helped her overcome her own insecurities, “This is one of the best positions I’ve had because it really pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

LEAD Scholars Academy is a two-year program at UCF. Their focus is to provide a variety of leadership development options that recognize students have different needs, time constraints, and levels of interest. LEAD programs give students various opportunities to learn more about themselves, develop new leadership skills, and become student leaders through programs and events, including campus-wide leadership workshops, leadership retreats, and leadership conferences.

Leah explains the importance of Leadership Week, “We came to college with the purpose of getting an education and preparing your future, on the road to success. This week is all about building your success, learning your path, and networking. Networking is huge!”

The week began with the Leadership Week 2020 Kickoff. Leah mentions of the organizations participating, “We have UCF Cares, Active Minds, LEAD Scholars; the alumni offer leadership opportunities and job opportunities,” UCF Legislative Scholars were also on hand, recruiting students who show an interest in working in Tallahassee.

Students were invited to listen to keynote speakers each day, including Rockell Bartoli, professional speaker, author, and student success coach. Rockell had students on their feet as she challenged them to “step up to the line,” demonstrating how accepting your personal history can be the first step toward making an important change.

For more information on Leadership Week, visit the LEAD Scholars Academy website.


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