SDES Program Wins NASPA Excellence Award

Collegiate Male Institute was selected as the 2019–2020 NASPA Excellence Bronze Award Winner for Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice, and Related Programs

Posted Friday, February 14, 2020 @ 3:05 PM

Collegiate Male Institute, the UCF Male Success Initiative, was selected as the 2019–2020 NASPA Excellence Bronze Award Winner for Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice, and Related Programs. Wayne Jackson, Director of Multicultural Academic and Support Services (MASS) explains, “This is quite an honor and recognizes our male initiative as one of the best in the country!”

The award category recognizes excellence in promoting inclusive, global, and diverse college and university communities and environments. Successful programs in this category are innovative in supporting underserved and marginalized communities, creative programs addressing the varied aspects and dimensions of diversity on campus, as well as those programs challenging and changing cultural norms on campus.

The Collegiate Male Institute has impacted participants’ learning and success through programming which is demonstrated through transition preparation, retention efforts, or achievement benchmarks and outcomes.

The Collegiate Male institute aligns with UCF’s Strategic Plan and Transformative Opportunities through its five pillar framework, providing strategic interventions for collegiate males in the form of academic skill building, mentorship, leadership development, career readiness and social justice and advocacy. This program is aimed to decrease second and third year attrition rate and increase four year graduation.

Wayne Jackson is the Director of Multicultural Academic & Support Services. He created the Brother to Brother (B2B) program; a group mentoring program that provides a sense of belonging for first to second year collegiate male students through fireside chats (established 2008).

Jeremy Jones designed, developed, and implemented SDES MASS Male Student Success Initiatives.

Our Pre-Collegiate Group mentoring program (Established Spring 2018) Brothers on the Rise Program is a mentor-focused partnership between Oviedo High School and the University of Central Florida designed to provide students with year-round support, guidance, and educational enrichment opportunities to ensure students are prepared academically, personally, and socially.

Oviedo High School Administrators:

Tanya Cameron — Assistant Principal

Arnita Washington — Guidance Counselors

Katisha Byrd — Guidance Counselors

Collegiate Male Retention Committee:

Tammie Nadeau — assessments and evaluations

Michael Rovito — Faculty (2018)

Gabrielle Skeeter — Financial Assistance

Rosemarie Timothy — Student Conduct (2018)

Arian Bryant — Housing & Residential Life

Keiron Timothy — CAPS (2018)

Mark Bennett — Undergraduate studies

Brian Creel — Career Services

William Blank — Career Services

Troy Morris — Recreation and Wellness Cetner (2018)

ToCarra Jordan — Advising (2018)

Jenifer Fazal — Housing & Residential Life (2018)

Krystal Muckle — Housing & Residential Life (2018)

Andrew Frazier — Faculty

Jamil Johnson — First Year Experience

Patricia Hartley — SARC

Student Leaders:

Darrius McFadden — Brothers on the Rise Program —Project Manager

Moneik Hargrett —  CMI Project Manager

Angela Ortiz — Lead peer B2B Mentor

Mario Vargas — B2B Mentor

Gaberial Rios — B2B Mentor

Eduardo Paredes — B2B mentor

Eduardo Zesati — B2B Mentor

Khari Jackson — B2B Mentor

Marquise Downceroux — B2B Mentor

Elliott Gray — Academic Pillar Ambassador

Alexander Dorsey-Tarpley — Academic Pillar Chair

Savon Crumity — Mentorship Pillar Ambassador

Isaiah Edwards — Mentorship Pillar Chair

Amani McFarlane — Leadership Development Pillar Ambassador

Malachi Mullins — Leadership Development Pillar Chair

Deion Waldon — Career Readiness Pillar Ambassador (2018-2019)

Frank Battle — Career Readiness Pillar Chair (2018-2019)

Jemon Golfin — Social Justice & Advocacy Ambassador

Dameon Lewis — Social Justice & Advocacy Ambassador

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