A Message to USPS Employees

carolyn standner

Welcome to the Support All Staff Involvement (SASI) website!

SASI was created on the sole premise of helping USPS staff members with professional and personal staff development. Although the university provides training opportunities, we as SASI members understand the training needs of the division’s USPS staff members. We are not only able to provide enrichment opportunities for our staff, but we are able to offer them the tools and resources for training and networking in order for our staff members to become successful at UCF.

We are a committee within SDES that focuses on YOU the USPS staff member. We are here to assist you with your training needs.

I encourage you to take the time to navigate through the website to:

  • Meet the members of the SASI team;
  • Review SASI’s vision, mission, goals;
  • Look for upcoming events and training;
  • Meet the new SDES staff members;
  • Review past events and photos; and
  • To become better acquainted with this website overall.

Once you have browsed the website, I recommend you mark it as one of your favorites so that you have easy accessibility to check periodically for updates.

Another important component of our SASI website, which I would like to highlight, is communication. We offer you the opportunity to provide us with your feedback. We feel in order to better serve you, your feedback is important. So, don’t hesitate….send us your comments or suggestions. Yes, we would love to hear from you!

Do you remember your first day at UCF? Well, most USPS staff members may not know that SASI welcomes each new USPS employee with a “Welcome to UCF” email. It’s another way for that employee to feel connected to the division and SASI. In fact, in the email we include the name of a SASI contact which belongs to that individual’s department or unit. It’s our way of making new SDES USPS employees feel welcomed and have that personal connection with a SASI team member.

On behalf of the SASI team, thank you for taking the time to tour our website. I look forward to seeing you in the future!

Best regards,

Carolyn Standner

SASI Chair