Mark Gumble

Assistant Vice President, Student Services


Mr. Mark Gumble has continued a diverse and impactful career path in higher education since 1988 serving as a head coach, adjunct instructor, resident director, academic advisor and director for student-athletes support services, and an administrator at three public universities. Mr. Gumble arrived to UCF in 2005 as the director of Academic Services for Student-Athletes (ASSA) and helped transform ASSA into one of the most successful NCAA Division I academic support programs for student-athletes in the nation. In 2011, Mr. Gumble was promoted to Assistant Vice President and currently oversees student learning support services. In his role he manages several student success projects and units including the nationally award-winning Student Academic Resource Center and University Testing Center, the Reimagining the First Year in College project, and accessibility services for students with disabilities at UCF. As a strong advocate for student wellbeing and social justice, Mr. Gumble has presented at many national conferences that focus on student success, life skills, and leadership for underrepresented, first generation, low income, and male students.

Prior to becoming a UCF Knight, Mr. Gumble served students at Binghamton University for 10 years as a resident director, head wrestling coach, instructor of health and personal fitness, and established the Educational Enhancement Program for student-athletes. In 1998 he was hired to serve as an academic advisor for student-athlete at San Diego State University and was promoted to the director’s position in 2000. Mr. Gumble graduated from Binghamton University with a bachelor’s degree in Literature and Rhetoric and was a three time all-American an NCAA wrestling champion as an undergraduate student. Mr. Gumble also earned a master’s degree in social science at Binghamton University and has started course work toward an Ed.D. at UCF.

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