UCF Mobile: Housing Wins!

The move-in section of the UCF Mobile app won the award for 'Best Use of Special Events'

Posted Wednesday, June 13, 2018 @ 7:47 PM

At the Kurogo Mobile Conference this week, the move-in section for Housing on the UCF Mobile app won an award for ‘Best Use of Special Events in a Campus Mobile App.’ The Kurogo Mobile Conference is the largest campus mobile app conference that features over 200 schools annually.

When asked what makes the application so great and what went into the development of the app, Housing answered: “Challenges big and small were considered in the development of the new move-in app for UCF students, which launched in Summer 2017. The application put so much information at the fingertips of students and families. Helping them navigate the campus, find their mail center, setup their TV and internet connections, find hours for dining halls, locate important safety policies and much more were made simple by the accessibility and design of the new app module. The simple user interface and attractive design made it easy to find information quickly from mobile devices. The ability to link to existing videos and webpages made developing the app very easy, and allowed the department to only update information in one place when changes arose.”

The app’s analytics speak for themselves though, with having over 55% of respondents utilizing the site. This is a significantly higher number than the percentage of those who used social media communications to help find move-in information. With around only 7,500 residents living on the UCF campus, these statistics greatly exceed all initial expectations.

Additionally, the UCF Mobile app won ‘Best Overall’as well.

Go Knights!

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