Air Force Internship Result of Career Expo

Zachary Levinson

Posted Friday, June 14, 2024 @ 10:42 AM

Student Research Week


For some college students, graduation brings uncertainty around how they’ll bridge their degree and a dream job.

That gap doesn’t exist for Zachary Levinson, and he credits Career Services at UCF for that assurance.

This summer Levinson, 21, is completing an internship at Eglin Air Force Base as a mission data engineering intern with the Electronic Warfare Squadron. The role both fulfills a passion for data analysis and international security studies and adds a sterling assignment to his resume. He’ll graduate in Fall ’24 with this internship and the College Work Experience program at Lockheed Martin to his name.

Levinson, of Weston, Florida, found the internship with the U.S. Air Force through a Career Expo hosted by Career Services and Experiential Learning. The Expo annually grows in popularity, with the Spring 2024 event attracting 254 employers.

At the time Levinson was actually a student worker for Career Services and made the connection just by talking with recruiters while working the event. The value of in-person conversations is twofold: they connect students with real people in their future career field and they remove the digital barrier of job applications.

“It showed me there is a career for someone with as big of aspirations as I have,” Levinson says.

Working at Career Services gave Levinson an insider’s perspective on the staff that promote events and career coaching. Their expertise is much deeper than just polishing resumes, he says.

Levinson recalls staff cooperatively working to help students with, for instance, pursuing specific engineering fields and unraveling complex topics like double minors. There’s a genuine compassion for students and a deep well of knowledge to back it up, he says.

“It’s a one stop shop for everything in regards to what you want to do after school,” Levinson says.

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