About SDES

It’s an exciting time to be a Knight—and UCF’s Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services offers hundreds of diverse programs and services to make your experience even more rewarding.

Students, parents, faculty and staff will all find SDES a useful resource when it comes to enrollment, wellness, housing assistance, mentoring and more. Whether you have a question about Pegasus Palooza, a desire to pledge a fraternity or sorority, or looking for a scholarship, SDES is a great starting point when it comes to discovering all UCF has to offer.

SDES aims to engage students in the total collegiate experience, from the moment you enroll at UCF to the time you apply for your first job as a graduate.

The unique activities, programs and services that SDES offers have received a range of accolades, and contribute to increasing UCF’s competitive advantage. SDES actively maintains partnerships on campus, within Central Florida and within the state to ensure student success.

SDES uses the UCF Creed tenets—Integrity, Scholarship, Community, Creativity and Excellence — as its framework for developing student learning objectives, and all SDES departments develop student learning outcomes to support these objectives.

Student learning outcomes are at the heart of the work that SDES does. This involves aligning services in more intentional, deliberate ways to develop learning outcomes that help students become successful and productive citizens and community leaders.


First of all, thank you for choosing UCF. We hope you’re as excited to be a part of our campus as we are to have you join us. As you take your first steps into Knighthood, SDES is here to help you as much as possible.

We want you to succeed and we’re here to empower you by adding value to your UCF student experiences. SDES provides learning opportunities through support services, programs, activities and events that enrich academic, social, cultural, leadership and growth.

SDES specifically provides support services to student-athletes, multicultural students, summer bridge programs, co-curricular support, orientation, campus events and transfer services.

What do you need help with? Let our staff point you in the right direction.


Being a UCF parent is a heartwarming experience. But for those inevitable challenges that arise, SDES can help guide you and your student from orientation to graduation.

Oftentimes the introduction to being the parent of a Knight comes in the form of deadlines — admissions, payments, orientation dates and times, parking requirements and housing. If you’re confused or need assistance, SDES provides a complete experience tailored specifically for parents.

This website is a useful tool as it introduces you to the Pegasus Parents program. You’ll find academic information, newsletters, calendars and  more. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions along the way.


The Division of SDES has talented, dedicated faculty and staff working in our offices all around campus.

SDES wouldn’t be what it is today without the dedication of talented UCF staff and faculty. We rely on cross-collaborative efforts of SDES staff in each of our departments, offices and teams.

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UCF Brand

To help strengthen our unified mission, Communications and Marketing has launched a new website as a resource for those telling the UCF story. The site reflects recent research and in-depth conversations with university constituencies about their perceptions of UCF.

Speaking with one voice amplifies our message and ensures that our common mission resonates clearly and powerfully. Promoting our brand with unity, clarity and consistency helps everyone associate UCF with credibility and quality.

Please take the time to review the new UCF brand website. As you’ll see, the Primary Identity Mark intended to represent UCF to broad public audiences is known as The Tab, and no other logo or identifier is to be used. View The Tab in the Brand Assets section by clicking on Logos & Identity System and scrolling down to Primary Identity Marks.

Though you may not yet have some of the required fonts, we are working to get them to you. And as the UCF Brand continues to evolve, we will keep you up to date.