The Knightbot in Shining Armor

UCF Chatbot

Posted Thursday, June 13, 2024 @ 8:27 AM

Knightbot—the UCF Chatbot—has been busy saving the day lately. A recent partnership between the Center for Higher Education Innovation and the UCF Police Department has enabled Knightbot to escalate concerning student messages to dispatchers and counselors who are trained and able to text with a student of concern instantly. In late May, a student received support from UCF PD within 2 minutes of indicating self-harm. Fifteen minutes later, the situation was resolved, and the student was able to talk to a counselor. This escalation system is a national leading example of how to use chatbots effectively, responsibly, and with the utmost care for our students. Another recent collaboration involved a text campaign reminding students of their registration period. In partnership with the Registrar’s Office, Knightbot helped identify 790 students who indicated issues enrolling. These students are now receiving targeted, personalized, and proactive support from the Office of Academic Advocacy and are currently showing a 7.7% higher enrollment rate.

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