Employees may not earn DEU credit if the presentation is a function of their current job responsibilities.

Each employee is expected to complete 8 hours of DEU's annually (January through December).

To verify DEU credits, employees can submit a copy of the program proposal and presentation for review and submit the DEU certification form to: SDESDEU@ucf.edu. Allow 14 business days for approval process.

SDES employees should send training transcripts to their supervisor. Supervisors will forward the training transcript to the DEU program for verification. Once the employee has achieved the required number of DEUs for level completion, a verification email will be sent to the employee and supervisor.

Employees may only earn DEU credit once for a specific training course.

Employees should work with their supervisor to find a reasonable solution and develop a reasonable plan towards earning the 8 DEUs annually. Please note, failure to meet the DEU standards may be reflected in an employee’s annual performance appraisal.

To receive credit for DEU trainings and activities, you will need to complete the DEU certification form located under the forms section of the DEU website.

The purpose of Diversity Education Training is to increase SDES employees’ cultural awareness, knowledge, communication and respect for individual similarities and differences. This will help to promote a better campus environment for employees.

The Diversity Certification Form is located under the forms section of the DEU website.

Each employee will be responsible for ensuring all courses/trainings completed are reflected within their training transcript. If a course is not entered, employees should contact: SDESDEU@ucf.edu for assistance.

UCF stands for opportunity, and diversity and inclusion are key factors that have made our university such a great success story in higher education. To be more inclusive and diverse is one of the key goals of the university. Diversity benefits all of us.

For Phase II certification, DEU will only accept credits taken for classes after 2013.